Corrosion  Solutions offers the most detailed applications in the industry using  what we see and believe to be the best materials available today.

Our  coil coating material is an Heresite Protective Coatings lnc product  called Perfect Coat PC-2000, an air dried Phenolic coating that has all  the properties to make PC-2000 one of the most long lasting, most  durable coating available.


Strategic Corrosion Facts:

 1. The threat of corrosion to HVAC/R coils is  the most serious to installations 10-15 miles from the coastlines and  much closer to other environmentally concerned locations. PC-2000 works  excellent for Waste Water Plants and other similar facilities. Florida  is basically a peninsula stuck out into the ocean 

 2. Corrosion and subsequent deterioration at  the "heat transfer point” of contact, where the copper refrigerant tubes  join the originally manufactured tightly "coined" edge of the aluminum  fin, is the critical area where loss of heat transfer escalates the  energy use and the cost of operation rises exponentially. 

 3. The ongoing chemical corrosion of uncoated  copper tube/aluminum fin, or copper tube/copper fin coils, typically  results in a minimum of up to 55% loss in equipment operating efficiency  as well as the obvious equated rise in electrical power costs. 

 4. Coated coils can save as much as 50% or more in extremely severe conditions, in electrical power costs savings alone. 

 5. The commensurate rise in maintenance,  repair, and replacements costs must be added to the rise in electrical  power consumption and subsequent increase in operating costs to provide  the complete cost effectiveness of applying coatings to standard OEM  copper tube and aluminum fin coils of uncoated equipment. 

Cost Consideration vs Return on investment


The  coating process pricing is dependent upon project size, installation  location (shipping destination of coated equipment), type of equipment  (ease of accessibility), what type of coating product is required to  coat the system and components required to be coated.

When  considering cost, one should likewise address the subsequent costs  adopted when choosing NOT to coat heat transfer coils upon initial  installation. The "Return on the initial Investment” of coating heat  transfer coils, no matter what the equipment size, "PAYBACK" is  typically well within two (2) years from initial installation. Compare  this "PAYBACK" to the financial losses in terms of energy usage, service  repair labor, equipment "down-time”, as well as coil and/or compressor  replacement expense during the 3 to 7 year life of unprotected  equipment. Typical Life Cycle” of Perfect Coat PC-2000 coated equipment  can be as much as 3 times greater than that of uncoated/unprotected  equipment, depending upon the severity of the corrosion atmosphere at  location and proper/timely preventive maintenance/cleanings.

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